Medical billing software

Medical billing software erp system is advanced software ,its is is a platform or a paperless office automation solution for today's modern bussiness.

Features Of Medical billing software:-

1.Master Entries : (a)Company Info, (b)Category, (c)Currency Master, (d)Tax Type, (e)Tax Master, (f)warehouse Type, (g)Warehouse Master, (h)Expense Type, (h)Expense Master, (i)POS Printer Setting, (j)SQL Server Setting, (k)SMS Setting, (l)SQL Server Setting

2.  Barcode Label Printing

3.  Barcode Support

4.  Customers Management

5.  Suppliers Management

6.  Products Management

7.  Expense Vouchers Management

8.  Stock Management

9.  POS

9.  Invoice Management

10.  Multiple Warehouses and stores management

11.  Billing in multiple currencies

12.  SMS Sending using HTTP api

13.  Users

Registration, Change Password,

14.  Records

Customers, Suppliers, Products, Stock, Payments, Billing,

15.  Low stock and Expired products in warehouses and Stores

16.  Reports

Sales, Services Billing, Profit and Loss, Stock IN and OUT, Creditors and Debtors, Expenditures, Purchase, Purchase Daybook, General Daybook, Supplier Ledger, Customer Ledger, General Ledger, Credit Terms Statements, Trial Balance,

17.  Overall report using Charts and Histograms

18.  System Logs,Database backup and restore,Low stock Indicator,Reorder point and many more

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