Hospital ERP Software

Hospital ERP Software is advanced software ,its is is a platform or a paperless hospitality automation solution for today's modern bussiness.

Features Of Hospital ERP Software:-

Hospital Web & Offline ERP

Logins Provided to:-

A.   Admin – Central Console License(Hospital Level)

B.   Sub – Admin ( At Each Hospital Level)

C.   Operator (Users created by Admin/Sub-Admin )

  1.  Doctors

  2.  Patients

  3.  Vendor/Suppliers

  4.  Staff

# arpus infotech Hospital Web-Based & offline ERP Platform Modules Covered:-

a) Patient details and registration (OPD and IPD): b) Consultant Management: c) Discharge Summary: d) Radiology Management Module: e) Laboratory / Pathology Automation: f) Pharmaceuticals management: g) Laboratory Information System: h) Dietary Module: i) Machine / Equipment Maintenance: j) Ward Management: k) Intensive Care Unit (ICU): l) Emergency Management: m) Operation theatre Management: n) Billing and payments: o) Doctor's Module: p) HR Management: q) Management reports, security:

# Additional Platforms

Payroll, Library Module, Hostel Management, Transportation, Canteen Management, Health Care

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